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Small Group Bible Studies


Bible Studies and Small Groups


Numerous and various opportunities for Bible Study and Fellowship exist this week--and every week--at Immanuel Lutheran Church.    These classes fall into one of four types:  Basics, Bible, Belief, and Become.  On Sunday morning, these classes meet at various locations around the church campus between the early Traditional Worship Service and the Family Praise Service.  During the week, other classes meet either on campus, in member homes or at other locations.  While each class has an element of studying God’s word, opportunities exist for Christian fellowship as well.


Basics Classes are introductory offerings intended to interest everyone.  Often these classes are self-contained and focused—either for function or topic.  A topic may be explored in one session, or over several consecutive meetings. Pastor’s new-member class—Christianity 101—provides an overview of Christian and Lutheran Doctrine and practice over 10 weeks of study.


Bible Classes are typically studies of specific topics or books of the Bible—often examining each bible verse within its context.  These studies may run for many weeks.


Belief Classes explore Church History and Lutheran Doctrine as background to our beliefs.


Become Classes provide for Christian fellowship in relaxed settings, often as Small Groups, or as 3-rd Place gatherings.  Small Groups meet in member homes—often on week-day evenings for structured Bible study, prayer, support and fellowship.  3-rd Place gatherings are more activity-driven with fellowship of people with like-interests, at a time and location convenient to all.


Bible Studies This Week at a Glance


Sunday Morning at 9:25 am


BASICS:  Christianity 101: Pastor’s New member Class, is a 10 week class.  This class, let by Pastor Borst and Pastor Flick, offers an understanding of the foundations of our faith and is open to anyone interested in joining our Immanuel family as well as members interested in a refresher course.  Call the church office to find out when the next session starts.


BIBLE:  Discovery Class, in the Church Chior Room, led by Deacon Don Kolafa, currently studying Galations with Luther's Commentary. 


BECOME: "Cults or Christianity: The Truth and the Errors" in the Fellowship Lounge (adjacent to, and accessed through Graumann Hall), led by Jim Mills.


BECOME:  Children’s Sunday School, for preschool through 6th grade, 10:15.  Children start in the sanctuary with their families and are invited to meet their teachers outside and join them for class in the school.

BIBLE: In-Home Small Group, 12:00 pm at Tara and Dusty Deconinick’s residence (every 1st and 3rd Sunday).



BECOME:  High School Youth Group, 6:30 to 8:00 pm at DCE Jean Beck’s residence.  .            

BIBLE: Dr. Paul Maier's "How We Got the Bible".  Conference Room, 6:30 p.m.  Led by Joe Erbland



Wednesday   (Wednesday Bible studies do not meet during Lent or Advent)


BELIEF:  Jr. High Confirmation, 6:30 to 8:00 pm, led by DCE Jean Beck in Graumann Hall. 



BECOME: In-Home Small Group Bible Study of 1 Corinthians, 6:30 to 8:00 pm at Bob and Linda Holcomb’s residence, led by Rick Stevens




BIBLE: The Book of Mark, Conference Room, 10:00 a.m.  Led by Deacon Don Kolafa. 

BIBLE:  Galations with Luther's commentary; Conference room 7:00 p.m.  Led by Deacon Don Kolofa (every 2nd and 4th Tuesday)   




BIBLE:  Men’s Bible Study and Fellowship, Book of Leviticus, on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month at 7:45 am-9:00 am in the Church Conference room, led by Bob Holcomb.